spot n track


  • The most characteristic feature of SPOT N lighting fittings:

  • The SPOT N lighting fitting is the finalist of the GOOD DESIGN, contest organized by the Polish Institute of Industrial Design
  • available in two diameters: standard version and mini version

  • use dedicated colour of temperature ( cakes and baked goods, vegetables,meat,fish)


code type source cap W V EC mm kg
65110005 SPOT N AL1 1x35W HIT TRACK HCI-TC G8,5 35 230 A++/A1]4] a461 b191 c227 8,0
65110003 SPOT N AL1 1x70W HIT TRACK HCI-TC G8,5 70 230 A++/A1]4] a461 b191 c227 8,0
65110017 SPOT N AL1 LED 1x37W TRACK LED - 37 230 A1] a461 b191 c227 8,0

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