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News | Lighting fittings for bakeries

Lighting fittings for bakeries

The lighting of the bakery and confectionery is based on the assumption that individual zones on the site should be well lit and lead the customer directly to the purchase decision. Lighting of the bakery and confectionery requires specialist technical knowledge, but most of all experience in the design of bakeries and confectioneries. Our company has already equipped over 200 bakery and confectionery facilities. When designing lighting in a bakery and pastry shop, we must remember a few basic rules:

  • lighting fixtures in a bakery and confectionery have specialized light colors, conquering the color of fresh bread and confectionery pastries

  • the luminaires are equipped with energy-saving LED sources, with a long service life

  • lighting project covers individual zones: lighting of products in refrigerated counters, accentuation and lighting of goods in shelves, lighting of the service zone and proper selection of lamps in the consumption zone

Lighting of the bakery and confectionery must combine: functionality with good design and general company identification.