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News | Lighting fittings for Butcher Shop

Lighting fittings for Butcher Shop

Professional lighting of the shop or meat stand helps in encouraging the buyer to choose a given product. Therefore, it is necessary to emphasize the naturalness and freshness of the products sold. Our company has already equipped many meat shops with professional lighting. We prepare professional calculations to simulate the amount of light that will be needed in a given store. For the lighting of a butcher's shop or a meat and sausage stand, we mainly use Downlights and floodlights. They have a source of FRESH MEAT that reflects natural colors and emphasizes the freshness of meat products. An interesting design.

  • Our luminaires have energy-saving sources with high durability
  • We offer both specialized lighting of products in refrigerated counters, as well as general store lighting
  • The lighting of butchers shops we offer combines practicality, usability and professionalism